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One Childhood, One Chance

Monday 27th April Home Learning

Good morning Year 3! Did you have a nice weekend? We hope you managed to enjoy some of the lovely sunshine.

Here is your learning for today.


This week we will be studying a book called ‘Escape of the Giant Chicken’. You can read the book on oxford owl e books (registering is very quick and free). You can register and read the books here

Reading: Read up to page 9 of ‘Escape of the Giant Chicken’. Now write a prediction saying what you think is going to happen with the giant chicken called Shelly. Where will she go? What will she do?

Start with, ‘I predict that…’ Remember to give reasons for your ideas. Why do you think that is going to happen?

Writing: This week we are going to practice writing speech. We have done this a few times already in Year 3 so hopefully you will remember how to use inverted commas.

Remember when we want to show that someone is speaking in our writing, we have to put inverted commas around what the person is saying. We also need to remember to put a punctuation mark (either a comma, question mark or exclamation mark) before the last speech marks.

Like this:

“Have you eaten your sandwich?” asked Dad.

“I love your picture,” said Poppy.

Open the inverted speech powerpoint below and go through the teaching slides. Remember we use a sixty six and a ninety nine at school like this “     ”

Now have a go at writing a conversation between the children in the story ‘Escape of the Giant Chicken’. Try to write at least 6 lines of speech today to practice your punctuation.

Here are a few ideas:

“It’s going to be easy milking this cow!” cried Tiger.

“Oi! You got it on my arm!” shrieked Ant.


If you have got the hang of writing speech as above, then have a go at starting with who is speaking like this:

Hannah shouted, “Get out of there now.”

Remember, for this way of writing speech, you need to put a comma before the “ and a full stop at the end to finish the sentence before the  ”



This week, in maths, we will be converting units of measurements. To convert units of length we need to know that we can measure objects in millimetres, centimetres and metres. 

Watch the video on the BBC Bitesize website that explains the difference between millimetres (mm), centimetres (cm) and metres (m).

When converting units of measurement, we need to know the following:

1cm = 10mm

1m = 100cm

With this knowledge we can convert measurements into larger of smaller units of measurement.


2cm = 20mm

4m = 400cm

10mm = 1 cm

10cm = 100mm

Complete the challenges attached that best suits your level. If you would like any feedback then send your work over to Mrs Cousins or Mr Mason and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



It is values week this week and we will be focusing on how it is ‘Good To Be Me’. We are all different and that makes us special. We should all be proud to be individuals and celebrate who we are and what makes us ‘us’.

Your task this week is to write a poem titled: All About Me. The layout of your poem will be as follows:

I am ……

I feel …..

I love ….

I need …

I want …

I fear …..

I dream …

I think ….

I am …….


I have written an example to give you some ideas for your own poem.


I am a teacher that loves my job,

I feel elated when I get to see my wonderful class.

I love watching rugby and seeing my team win,

I need family and friends.

I want to get back to school as soon as I can,

I fear flying on an aeroplane when going on holiday.

I dream of a happy, healthy world,

I think everybody is equal.

I am a proud teacher.


Your poem doesn’t need to rhyme, it just needs to express your personality and your feelings.

Remember to send your poems to your teacher. We would love to see them!

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