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One Childhood, One Chance

Thursday 30th April - Home Learning

Good morning Year 3! We hope that the wet weather hasn't made you feel fed up; the sun will return again soon! 

Here is another link to a short yoga session to help wake you up and put you in the right frame of mind for the day.

Here is your learning for today:


Reading: Today you will get to find out if the children manage to return Shelly to her normal size! Read the rest of ‘Escape of the Giant Chicken’. Use a dictionary or the Internet to clarify the meaning of these words:   crackle, perched, dial, glare, strutted. Write a definition of each word.

Writing: You are going to write your imaginary part of the story today with the police officer. Now that you have practised the punctuation for speech and using more interesting words than said, we’ll have a go at weaving the speech with narration in the story. Remember the narration is just the person telling the story in the third person. We will write the new story part in the past tense.

You could start like this:

Just then, a frightened looking police officer came running towards the children.

“W-w-what’s going on here?” asked the police officer.

“Erm. We found this giant chicken running lose in the park!” cried Ant.

In the blink of an eye, the giant chicken raced over to the police officer and starting pecking towards him angrily.

“Ahhh! Help me!” the police officer yelled as he dodged the pecking beak!


Your task in maths today is to compare and order different measurements of lengths. You will need to make sure you look at the question and check whether it is asking you to order your measurements from shortest to longest or longest to shortest. You will also need to look at the units of measurement as they will not all be the same.


Order these lengths from shortest to longest:      10cm     25mm   3m

If we convert them all into the same unit of measurement (cm) then we can see the lengths more clearly:

10cm     2.5cm    300cm

Now we need to order our lengths from shortest to longest and convert them back to their original units of measurement:

2.5cm (25mm)   10cm     300cm (3m)

Find the questions attached. Start with the level you think best suits your ability.



Continuing the Good To Be Me theme, we would like you create a piece of art work that shows how you see yourself and how others see you. You will need to draw two hands by drawing around your own hand. In one, we would like you to write all the things you think describe you best. On the other, we would like you to ask the other members of your family to write some words that they think describes you. Compare the two hands and see if there are any similarities.

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