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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Friday 1st May - Home learning

Good morning Team Cornflower and Team Sapphire. I hope you are all safe and excited for the weekend! I have a mindfulness video attached to help you feel calm and relaxed, ready for your school work today.

We have seen Mr Wheeler and Mr Lowther make fitness videos this week and I hope you were able to join in with their work outs. If any of you would like to show us your exercise routines then film it and we will put it up on the blog.


Here is your home learning for today:


For English today, we would like you to complete the worksheets attached. They will test your knowledge of inverted commas and how to use speech in a sentence. 


As a challenge, we would like you to write a conversation between you and your best friend when you get back to school. Remember to use interesting words that can replace said and adventurous adverbs (I exclaimed excitedly). Send us your conversations and we will put them up on the blog.


Today we have attached a game for you to play that involves converting mm, cm and m. If you have a printer available then you can print out the sheets, cut out the cards and play this game like you would play dominos. One player puts a card down and the next player sees if they have the card that matches the next measurement. If they don’t then they miss a turn and the next player sees if they can go. The person to get rid of all of their cards first wins!

If you are not able to print the cards or if you think the measurements are too hard, try and create your own.



Today will be looking at spellings ending in either –cious or –tious.

They both make the sound shus but are spelt differently. For example:

delicious, precious, suspicious all end in –cious

fictitious, infectious, nutritious all end in -tious

Watch the video on the BBC Bitesize website and complete the task below.

There are some handwriting practise sheets for these words attached below - joined up and not joined up - choose the one you were doing at school.

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