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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Tuesday 5th May - Home Learning

Good morning Year Three! You are all doing amazing work and you should all be very proud of yourselves. Remember, we love to see your work so please send us anything you have done.

Here is a video from Cosmic Kids Yoga that talks about anxiety. Please watch it as it may help you with any worries that you might have.



Read the rest of chapter 1 and summarise what has happened so far. Use short sentences to explain the key points of the chapter.



For your writing today, I would like you to write the rest of the scene and include dialogue. Remember that when you are writing dialogue in a play script there are no inverted comma and we identify who is talking by having their name in the margin with a colon after it.

For example:

Angus: Hey, Finn McCool! Come and see what a real giant looks like, you big baby!

Finn: All I see is a giant fool!

You will have to include the narrator again to explain why Finn runs away. The scene ends when chapter 1 ends and we will write scene 2 tomorrow.



Today we will practice dividing using the bus stop method.

Here is a reminder of how to use this method to divide.

Here is an example where there are no remainders:

Here is an example where there are remainders:

Here are your steps to success:

  • Draw a bus stop
  • Write the largest number inside the bus stop
  • Write the smallest number before the bus stop
  • Divide the ones
  • Regroup any remainders
  • Divide the tens
  • If you have any hundreds or thousands, divide into these

If this is too tricky, you can practice dividing smaller numbers using the counting method such as 18 ÷ 2 = Remember to count in 2s until you reach 18, holding your fingers up for each 2 that you count. You will hold up 9 fingers so the answer is 9. You can practise this by doing the mild challenge attached below.


Today we will move on to learn about food chains. Watch these 2 good bbc bitesize videos and open up and read through the powerpoint attached below.

One of the most important things about a food chain is the direction of the arrows. The arrows show the direction that the energy is transferred (not what eat what). E.g. grass --> grasshopper --> frog --> snake --> eagle. The grass gives energy to the grasshopper, the frog gives energy to the snake etc.

Another important thing to remember is that a food chain will always begin with a producer that can make its own food such as a plant or plankton.

Now open up the food chain sorting game attached below and see how many food chains you can make. Make sure you put the arrows in the correct direction. Some of the possible chains that can be made are on the last sheet.

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