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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Wednesday 6th May - Home learning

Good morning Year Three. I hope that you were able to get outside in the beautiful sunshine yesterday. It's important go outside and exercise when you can!

Here is some daily yoga for you:

Here is your daily learning:



Read the whole of chapter 2. Use a thesaurus to find synonyms for these words:






Here is a link to an online thesaurus if you don’t have one at home


Today you will be writing scene 2 of your play script. Again, you need to set the scene (Oona’s house) and write the dialogue between the characters. This time I would like you to include stage directions in your script. Stage directions tell the actors what they need to do on stage and if they need to speak in a particular way, e.g shout, scream, whisper. These are all commands, also known as imperative verbs. All stage directions need to be in brackets so the actors don’t confuse them with the dialogue and written in the present tense.


Today we will use our knowledge of multiplication and division to solve a problem called a scaling problem. It is called a scaling problem because you have a certain amount and then you have to scale it up (maybe by multiplying it by 2) or scale it down (maybe by halving it, dividing by 2) to solve the problem.

Have a look at the Fruit Salad powerpoint below.

Then try to complete the fruit salad scaling activities attached. The answers are at the end if you want to check when you've finished.

We have also attached a multiplication square if anyone would like to use this to help.


Today we will carry on looking at food chains. 

An animal that only eats other animals (meat) is a carnivore. An animal that only eats plants is a herbivore. An animal that eats plants and meat is called an omnivore. The place that an animal lives in is called it's habitat. In one habitat there will be lots of different food chains and all the animals will depend on each other for food.

Play the food chains quiz attached below to learn more about food chains.

Open the food chain worksheets. If you have a printer, you can print this out and see if you can fill in the gaps and complete the second sheet. If not, you can copy out the paragraphs or just the missing words. Remember, reproduce is the scientific word for making  anew generation by making new young.

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