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One Childhood, One Chance

Monday 18th May - Home Learning

Good morning Year 3 and welcome to a new week! Here is your learning for today.

Don't forget to see the final video in the writing competition set by a local author called Martyn Harvey on a separate blog post. A separate video blog will be released soon to tell you all about the competition.



Read pages 4 to 9 of the book Mini Marvels. Clarify any words that you don’t understand using a dictionary. Here are some you might want to look up:




Remember to write the word and the definition that the dictionary gives.


This week you are going to write an informational text about any subject you choose. Today you will need to write an introduction to your informational text. Use the introduction of Mini Marvels as a guide as to how to write yours. You will need to explain what your informational text will be about and a small amount of information that will hook your reader in. Your introduction does not need to be long, maybe only a few sentences, however it needs to give the reader a reason to carry on reading.

CHALLENGE: Try to include a rhetorical question in you introduction.


This week we will be going over statistics. Today we will start with pictograms. Pictograms use pictures to show information. Remember the most important thing to look at is the key. What is each picture worth?

This pictogram below shows the number of different coloured smarties in a packet. If you were to just look straight at the orange smartie pictures, you may think there were 4 orange smarties in the packet. But you must remember to look at the key that shows us that each smartie picture is worth 2 smarties so there were actually 8 orange smarties in the packet. If you look at the blue smarties, there are 2 whole pictures and then a half picture. If one picture is worth 2, then half a picture is worth half of 2 which is 1. So for the blue smarties there are 4 plus 1 which is 5 in total.

Have a go at answering some more questions about the smarties pictogram on the sheet attached below.

Now open up the interpreting pictograms activities. There are 3 challenges to complete. Enjoy!


What is Judaism?

This week we will be learning about the religion called Judaism. People who follow this religion are called Jewish people or Jews. Watch this video to find out about Judaism:

There are also some pictures further down this web page to have a look at and an activity and quiz to have a go at too. You can read the information on the web page if you want to but I have also put the important facts below for you to read.

There are lots of sheets attached below – today you only need to complete worksheet 1A or 1B – you can try to fill the answers in on your own or you can use the ideas on the third sheet to help you or cut them out and stick them onto sheet 1A.

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