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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Tuesday 9th June Learning

Good morning Year 3! Remember that Mrs Cousins and Mr Mason love to see the work you have done so please email us your writing, pictures and problem solving.

Here is today's home learning:



Read the next two pages and find synonyms for these words these words:

Cried, explained, hoped, reassured, whizz, zoomed.



Now that you have drawn your alien and written some descriptive language around it, you will be writing a character description of your alien. Make sure that you include as many features of your alien in you description as you can. Include expanded noun phrases, similes and metaphors (you should have some you can include from yesterday’s work.


The first feature that stands out on this bizarre looking creature is the enormous, black and yellow eyes. The thin yellow slivers fix on you, scanning from left to right. They are so large you can see you reflection, like two colossal mirrors. The skin on his face is an emerald green and is scaly and course like an old, weathered crocodile.



Warm up with 15 minutes of Times Tables Rock Stars. If you do not know your log in details please email Mr Mason or Mrs Cousins and they will send them to you.

Today we will carry on learning about vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines.

Let’s think about the times on a clock face when the minute hand (the big hand) is vertical or horizontal.

When there is an o’clock time or a half past time, the minute hand is vertical. Look at the pictures:

When there is a quarter past or quarter to time, the minute hand is horizontal. Look at the pictures:

Open the lines activity sheet below and see if you can complete the challenges. There are 3 different challenges; complete them all or choose which best suits your level.

Extra challenge: Can you draw a shape with only 2 horizontal lines and no vertical lines?

Can you draw a shape with no vertical and no horizontal lines?

Can you draw a shape with 3 horizontal lines and 3 vertical lines?

Can you draw a shape with 2 diagonal lines?


Have you ever wondered how rockets work? Today we would like you to write a report about rockets are able to leave our atmosphere and go to space.

This website will give you lots of information about rockets and how they blast off into space. Read the information, watch the video and take notes to write an informational report titled: How Rockets are Powered.

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