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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Wednesday 17th June Learning

Good morning Year 3! Here is your learning for today:


Reading: Let's continue reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Read the pages below.


Now clarify the meaning of these words from the story:   expose, belching, scented, slab, whizzing. You could use a dictionary or the internet to clarify their meaning. Write down what each word means.

Writing: Today we will carry on learning to write compound sentences. We would like you to write your own compound sentences without us giving you the first part of the sentence.

Remember to use FANBOYS conjunctions in the middle of your 2 simple sentences.

Your sentences can be about anything to do with Charlie and the Chocolate factory so far. Can you underline your coordinating conjunction like I have below?

My first sentence would be:

Charlie only nibbled a tiny bit of his chocolate every day so this meant his bar lasted more than a month.

Try to write at least 8 compound sentences. Good luck!


For maths today, you are going to be comparing and ordering money. The worksheets attached will ask you to add the value of some items together and compare the total cost with another two items. You will need to use your comparison signs:

< Less than

> Greater than

= Equal to

Choose the level that you feel is best suited to your ability and show your working out on the sheet.


Aztec Art

We have already found out that chocolate was drunk by the Aztecs a long time ago before it came to Europe. We showed you some Aztec artwork that displayed the people drinking chocolate. Aztec art is extremely bright and colourful and is made from bold shapes that are often outlined with thick black lines. Today we would like you to create your own Aztec art. Below are some examples that you could copy or you could create your own design based on this style. You could use felt tip pens or pencils or, if you are lucky enough to have paint at home, you could try paint (although this may be trickier). We would love to see your finished Aztec art work so please email us a photo!

I have also attached a document below with these pictures in in case you wanted to print any of them out to copy or trace them.




For some spelling practice today we would like you to go over words that have silent letters.

These words are:

  • island with a silent s
  • answer with a silent w
  • write and wrapper with a silent w
  • knock and knife with a silent k
  • thumb with a silent b
  • doubt with a silent b
  • half and calm with a silent 

Complete the look, say, cover, write, check sheet and then see if you can find all of the words in the wordsearch. There are also handwriting sheets attached - choose joined or not joined depending on what you were doing at school.

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