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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Thursday 25th June Learning

Good morning year 3. How are we all today? Let's get cracking with our home learning shall we?



Read these two pages of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and answer the questions below.

1) How do you know Grandpa Joe is excited by the announcement of the golden tickets?

2) Clarify the word confectionery.

3) What will the children see when they tour the factory.

4) Will the golden tickets be in special chocolate bars?

5) Where might you able to by the chocolate bars that might have the ticket in?


Today you will be writing out your speeches and hopefully you will be able to film them. Use your planning from yesterday to write a full speech that argues either for or against Opening Mr Wonka’s factory. I have attached the persuasive writing word mat again to help you with your sentence openers.

Use openers such as: I believe… For example… As you can see… Without a doubt… These will help convince the person you are speaking to that your argument is the best.


For today and tomorrow's maths learning we will be learning about perimeter. The perimeter of a shape is the total length of all of its sides added up. Watch this BBC Bitesize video for a recap of what perimeter is:

Look at the oblong above. Because I know that both of the shorter sides of the oblong are the same length, I know that the other shorter side is 9cm. I also know that the other longer side is 24cm. So the 4 sides of the oblong measure 9cm, 9cm, 24cm and 24cm. To find the perimeter of this oblong, I just need to add these measurements up so my calculation is 24+24+9+9=. I know double 9 is 18, then I'll add 24, 24 and 18 using the column method to get the answer 66cm. Don't forget that the answers must have units, whether they are cm or m.

Look at the hexagon above. Because this is a regular hexagon, I know that all of the sides are the same length. So all of the sides will be 9cm. A hexagon has 6 sides so I have to calculate either 9+9+9+9+9+9= or 6x9= so the answer is 54cm.

There are 3 challenges attached called mild, spicy, hot - choose the one that best suits your level.4 or complete all 3! The shapes at the top are not drawn to scale and the measurements are written by each side. The bottom set of shapes have to be measured with a ruler and then you can add up the total of the sides. If you don't have a ruler, each square is worth 1cm so you will know that if the shape is 5 squares long it measures 5cm long.

There are also some pink box challenge questions attached for each level of challenge to really test your understanding of perimeter. Good luck! 


If you can, I would like you to find a chocolate bar and examine the wrapper. What colour is it? Is the name of the chocolate bar in big or small text? Does it have a tag line like “Take a break”? What is on the back of the wrapper? For topic today you are going to create your own chocolate bar wrapper! You will need to include all the features you would find on a normal chocolate bar wrapper, such as its name, tag line, ingredients, bar code and make sure it is very colourful so people will want to buy it.

Here are a few wrappers that might inspire you:

We can't wait to see all of your designs! 

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