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One Childhood, One Chance

Home learning: Monday 29th June

Happy Monday Year 3! We hope you had a splendid weekend. Let's kick off our learning for this week.



This week we will be carry on reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. Today read pages 26 and 27 below; an exciting chapter where the first two golden tickets are found! Who will get to visit Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory?


For your reading task, we would like you to use what you have read about Augustus Gloop to describe him. Draw a picture of Augustus Gloop and write describing words and phrases around him such as 'great flabby folds of fat bulged out of his body'. Try to describe what he looks like and his personality too (what he is like).


For your writing task today we would like you to imagine that you are a newspaper reporter that lives in Charlie's town. You are to write a report about the finding of the first golden ticket. Use the newspaper report template below if you have a printer.

In your report, you should:

  • have a catchy headline (in the top box) - could be something like 'Gloop finds first ticket!' or 'First golden ticket found!'
  • start by stating the date and time this happened
  • explain what has happened (Gloop has found the first ticket)
  • explain who found it
  • describe Gloop
  • explain what has happened since (flags flying/school holiday etc)
  • finish off by saying there are still 4 more tickets to be found and wish everyone good luck

Remember to write in the past tense as you are reporting events that have already happened. Past tense verbs often end in -ed.


This week we are going to be reminding ourselves how to divide. Today we are going to be using the bus stop method to work out division problems that have no remainders. Watch the video below up to 1:30 for a refresher on how to use the column method:


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Attached are some division questions that will have no remainders. If you find that your answer has numbers left over, double check your dividing. There are 3 different levels to complete, start with the level that you feel best suits your ability.


Following on from your work last week where you designed a chocolate bar wrapper, we would like you to think today about advertising your chocolate bar. Adverts tell people about products that they can buy and try to persuade them to buy it.

Watch the video below about adverts:

Now think about how you will encourage people to buy your newly designed chocolate bar. What do you need to tell them about?

I would tell my customers:

  • What it tastes like – what flavours does it haves? (mint/caramel/peanut/orange, dark, milk or white chocolate?) Make sure you include lots of great describing words to make us imagine eating it like, smooth, creamy, delicious, divine, scrumptious
  • Why they must buy it – it’s the tastiest chocolate bar around, it’ll send your taste buds crazy, it’s like heaven etc
  • How much it is – is it good value for money e.g. only 50p per bar!
  • How they would feel when they eat
  • I would include a catchy line that they will remember, like Skittles have the line ‘taste the rainbow’

Also think about who you would like to buy your chocolate bar – are you aiming it at adults or children or are you hoping everyone will buy it?! If you want children to buy it, you might include a cartoon character in your advert.

You can either record your advert as a video (hold up your chocolate bar wrapper from last week in your advert) or you can write your advert out as a script or a poster – it’s up to you!

We would love to have some of the adverts emailed over to us. Enjoy!

Viking Isolation Games!

Please see this week's viking games activity attached below.

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