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One Childhood, One Chance

Wednesday 1st July Learning

Hello Year 3! Can you believe it's July already? Let's hope we have lots of beautiful summer days to look forward to!

Here is your learning for today:


It's finally Charlie's birthday! Will he get a chocolate bar? Will he find a golden ticket? Let's find out! Read pages 32-35 below. 

Now summarise what has happened in this chapter. Use bullet points and remember summarising should only include the main points of what you have read. I would start with:

  • It's Charlie's birthday
  • He's given a Wonka bar


Today's writing task focuses on building suspense in your writing. Charlie is given a Wonka bar for his birthday and he and all of his family are so eager and excited to see if he will find a golden ticket. This is the one and only chance Charlie thinks he will have to get a ticket so it is all the more tense and special for him!

Today you need to rewrite the chapter where Charlie opens his chocolate bar. Leave this until right at the end of your writing and build up the suspense in your paragraph(s). Look at what Roald Dahl did to do this - he used phrases like 'they stared with anxious eyes', 'the room became silent'. You can also build suspense by using short, snappy sentences and using ellipsis at the end of sentences ...


Today, most of us are going to be working with remainders. If a dividend won’t divide exactly by the divisor, then there will be some numbers left over. These are called remainders.

For example:

34 ÷ 3 = 11 r 1

We know that 3 goes into 30 ten times. However 3 goes into 4 just once with one left over, this is our remainder. A good way to show this is to use counters and circles. If you don’t have counters you could use anything you have in the house, such as coins, smarties, blueberries, marbles or even tea bags. If you have 34 items and you have 3 circles to divide them equally, you will see that eventually you will have eleven items in each circle with one leftover. You can use this tactic to help to solve your problems.


Today we will find out about melting chocolate with a famous scientist called Professor Brian Cox. The investigation is to find out the melting point of 3 different types of chocolate – white, milk and dark.

BEFORE you watch the video, you need to make your predictions on the sheet – which type of chocolate do you think will melt quickest and why? Fill this in on the investigation sheet attached below.

Now watch the investigation on the video:

Now you can fill in the equipment the children used and write their method – the method is what they did e.g. 1. Clip 3 foil dishes over a plastic tub. 2. Fill the tub with boiling water. Etc.

Use the results below to write up the results (what happened) and then write a reflection of what you have learnt.


Type of chocolate

Number of minutes it took the chocolate to melt









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