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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Friday 3rd July Learning



Today read pages 39-41 below of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – who will be the next ticket winner?

Now you have read these pages, we would like you to clarify these words – you can use a dictionary or the internet to find out what they mean:

despicable, peering, crammed, various, knuckle-duster


Now that you have found out who four of the Golden Ticket winners are, we would like you to create a poster about them. Attached is a sheet with a golden ticket in the middle for you to use. The title of your poster could be 'The winners so far!'. Around the Golden Ticket, draw a picture of each winner (use what you have read to help you represent each character) and write a few sentences under each one to describe them.


Last division lesson of the week! Today the challenges are a mixture of everything we have done over this week. Some questions will have no remainders, some will have remainders and some will ask you to find the missing number. Remember that if you are looking for the missing number in the number sentence you will need to do the inverse of the number sentence to get the missing number.

Attached are the sheets for today. Make sure you start at the level that you feel is most appropriate for your ability.

DO NOT WORRY IF YOU ARE FINDING THIS HARD! If you are getting some questions wrong or you can’t get to the level you normally do, do not worry or get upset. Getting a question wrong is not the end of the world. Making mistakes is how we learn.


Today, to finish off our chocolate topic, we will have a look at a recipe that contains chocolate. If you are at home, you could see if you can find a recipe with chocolate in and have a go at making something containing chocolate such as a chocolate cake, cheesecake or cookies.

Here is a video showing a girl called Tilly making some yummy looking biscuits containing chocolate:

Watch the video and make notes whilst you watch. Underneath the video it shows you how to write out a recipe. How write out the recipe for the biscuits. When you have finished, you could decorate the recipe with some pictures of chocolate, cocoa beans and star biscuits.

EXTRA CHALLENGE: Use the internet to research some more recipes that contain chocolate. You may find something else you'd like to make with your family at home!

If you manage to do any cooking with chocolate, we would love to see some photos!

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Cousins and Mr Mason

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