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Chilton Primary School

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One Childhood, One Chance

Tuesday 7th July Learning

Good morning Year 3! We are very much enjoying seeing all of the work that you have been sending in - please keep up with this! Here's your learning for Tuesday:



Today we are going to read chapter 10 of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. I would then like you to summarise the two chapters you have read this week. Remember that you need to only write the key points of the chapters. This should only be a few lines long.


The Bucket family are finding life very tough at the moment. They are running out of money, their house is old and rickety and to make things worse, the weather is getting colder an colder.

Task: For your writing today, you are going to imagine a storm is heading towards Charlie’s house. I want you to describe the storm using suspenseful and ominous language from the word mat you used yesterday and describe how Charlie and his family might be feeling as they see this enormous storm edge closer and closer to their old, dilapidated house.

CHALLENGE: Try to use effective similes, metaphors and personification to create tension and suspense. For example: Charlie heard the thunder in the distance like a giant footsteps that were stomping ever closer to his fragile house.


How did you get on with the coordinates work yesterday? Good, I hope. Today we will practice coordinates again. Open the cafe coordinates activity sheets and have a go at completing the challenge - there are 3 challenges, choose the one that best suits your level or complete them all!


For those of you who wanted a little extra challenge and had a go at coordinates in 4 quadrants there is another 4 quadrants challenge attached. Here is a little reminder of how to do coordinates in 4 quadrants in case you've forgotten:


Follow the link below to discover information about one of my favourite Art movements - Pop Art. You will find some excellent videos and insight into some famous Pop Artists. Please send in any work that you create.

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