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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Wednesday 8th July - Home Learning

Good morning Year 3. We have had some excellent work sent in to us this week. Keep it up!



Read pages 52 and 53 and predict what you think might happen next. If you already know, describe the emotions Charlie might be feeling. See if you can use some effective emotive language in you description.


Today and tomorrow you are going to be planning for Friday’s writing. What you need to plan today is how Charlie is feeling about the situation he and family are in and how he feels after he finds the 50p and spends some of it on chocolate.

Attached is a sheet with a table on it. In each section it has the problems and dilemmas Charlie is facing. First of all he has the problem of his family running out of money and going hungry. You need to imagine you are Charlie and describe how you are feeling about this? Use descriptive emotive language to show your feelings. I don’t want to see the words sad, upset or unhappy. Use powerful words to show how you feel about experiencing such a tough time. Next you will need to describe how you feel about finding 50p on the floor (this is like finding £10 in today’s money!). Last of all, you need to say why you decided to spend some of that money on chocolate for yourself and not give it all to your family. Was this the right thing to do? Do you feel guilty?

On Friday you will be writing a narrative as Charlie, describing your experiences in chapters 10 to 12. This planning will help you to refer back to as you write. You can use the sheet attached or draw a picture of Charlie with all of this information underneath. Try to use some powerful emotive vocabulary in your planning. Really try to put yourself in Charlie’s shoes and describe how he is feeling!


Today you will use your understanding of coordinates to answer some questions and solve some problems. Have a go at the Varied fluency coordinates activities first and then see if you can explain your reasoning in the Reasoning Coordinates activities. Each of these has 3 levels - choose the level that best suits you or complete all 3!

EXTRA CHALLENGE: There is a 4 quadrant challenge attached today too (helicopter sheet) - it is quite a tricky one - good luck!


French today! Follow the link to learn the French for different family members. Complete the activities at the end of the website. Attached is one of the sheets for you to match up the English words with the French ones.

Here is Team Cornflower's favourite French song to help remind you of some words we have previously learnt.

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