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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Tuesday 14th July - Home Learning

Good morning Year 3! We hope you enjoyed yesterday's learning. Let's see what's in store for you today.


Today we will prepare you for Year 4 by revising different word types. Remember a word can be:

  • An adjective (a describing word) such as shiny, enormous, careful
  • A noun (a person, place or thing) such as table, shoe, France, school, Hannah)
  • A verb (a doing word) such as jumping, sleeping, smile, write, laughed – these can be in past or present tense
  • An adverb (a word that describes how a verb is done) such as quickly, anxiously, gracefully

Go through the information on this BBC Bitesize daily lesson and watch the video to learn more.

Now open the word sheet below and draw a table to sort the words into the correct columns like so:









When you have sorted the words on the sheet, add 5 more words to each group of your own.

There is a mild, spicy and hot challenge – choose the one that best suits you.

The pictures above may help some of you to remember what each word type means.


Today you are going to be completing a maths mosaic. You need to answer the questions in each box and the answers you get will correspond to a colour. You then need to shade in the square in that colour. When you have finished you will see that a picture appears.


Today you will learn about the ancient civilization of people who lived in Central America called the Maya people.

Watch the BBC Bitesize video and complete the activities underneath:


As mentioned yesterday, some spelling activities for the week are attached below.

Viking Isolation Games 

Hi Everyone,

The Viking Isolation Games are now complete!

Which team did you bet?

Now that YOU are done.

Do you want to find out who WON!

Look out on your teacher's blogs or your school's media platform to find out the WINNER!!!

You were all so amazing and you should be so proud of yourselves.

We thank you so much for taking part!

Mrs Horrigan, Mr Noble & Miss Knight.

Thrive Activities

Please find this week's THRIVE activities attached below.

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