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One Childhood, One Chance

Friday 17th July Learning/fun end of year activities!

Can you believe it, we've made it to the end of Year 3! A huge well done to all of you who have been completing your learning at home during the coronovirus pandemic. It isn't easy to carry out your learning at home without your teacher and a lot of you have done fantastically well so give yourselves a big pat on the back! Mr Mason is really going to miss Team Cornflower and Mrs Cousins cannot wait to teach Team Sapphire again in Year 4!

However, it isn't goodbye for some of us yet as we will hopefully see many of you at the reunion picnic on Monday 20th July at 11.45am-12.45pm. Remember, adults are unfortunately not allowed to come to the picnic as we cannot have that many people all mixing together, but please don't be nervous as, after 5 minutes back with us, you'll feel like you've never been away! You must bring your own packed lunch and drink to the picnic please. We are very excited to see you all! 

Here are a few photos of Year 3 2019-2020 for you to enjoy!

Here is some learning for today and a few fun end of term activities as well.


Use the link below for some revision about Inverted commas:


For your final ever maths task, you are going to complete a magic square challenge. Read the instructions to find out what to do. Have fun!


Use the link below to learn about vertebrates and invertebrates. Then open the sorting activity attached below and see if you can correctly identify and sort the invertebrates and vertebrates.

There are also some end of year activities attached below if you wanted to do these today instead of the learning above!

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