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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly Blog - Friday 25th September

It's been a busy week in Year Three! Here are some of the skills we have been learning:


In our English lessons, we have been learning how to use coordinating conjunctions such as: For, and, but, so. We have learnt that these conjunctions connect two simple sentences to make a compound sentence. We have been using this skill to write in the role of some of the characters in The Princess and The White Bear King. 



We have continued with addition, adding up to 3 digit numbers and regrouping numbers when adding using the column method. We have also started to look at subtraction, finding the difference of between two digit numbers counting back on a number line.



In our PSHE lessons, we have started to learn how to approach our work with a growth mindset. Instead of thinking we can't do something or when we find something hard we take a growth mindset approach. This can be seeing something difficult as a challenge to be overcome or focusing on the things we are good at instead of the things we find difficult.  


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