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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly Blog Post - 7.5.21

It's been a short week but a brilliant one! We have got lots of learning done and had a wonderful Number Day. Thank you for all of your kind donations and brilliant outfits! Great work Year 3!


We have been focusing on dialogue in English this week. Continuing with our book, Charlotte's Web, we used some of the settings and situations to create dialogue between the characters. We used verbs and adverbs to infer a character's personality and worked hard to remember all of the important punctuation needed to show speech.



This week, we have looked at both multiplication and division. We have been finding the link between multiplication and scaling and also how to share whole numbers and fractions. We also read 'One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab' on Number day and created our own equations to show these facts.



In topic, we have continued to look at Chris Ofili. We have been studying his heritage and how he links it into his work. He chooses to incorporated his heritage and his sense of self into all his work, making it special and personal to him. We looked at what makes our own identity and the things that are important and special to us.


Love To Learn

This week, you Love To Learn Task is to gather anything that represents you, to make a collage for our lesson on Monday. It could be photos of your family, pictures from a magazine, print-outs from the Internet, images from a book, anything that is personal to you and shows your identity. These things are going to be cut up and stuck in your art book, so make sure you are able and allowed to use them. In your love to learn book, I would like you to write why you chose the things you have. If you have bought in a picture of a football team, write why that team is important to you. If it is a picture of you dog, tell me about you dog! Bring in as much as you can to make the most effective collage you can. 

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