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Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News - 2/7/21

We are nearing the end of term and although we are getting tired and excited for the holiday, we are still working so hard! What have we been up to?


This week we have been working on narrative. We planned a 5-part story and have been using incredible sentences to write it up. We are so unbelievably impressed with the writing the children have been producing. The children have been varying their sentence openers and have even learnt how to use subordinate clauses at the start of sentences. They are amazing at using punctuation, even remembering how to use dialogue when their characters speak. Next week they will be creating their own stories, taking the characters to the lands they invented and described last week.


This week we have been consolidating our multiplication and division strategies. We have become far more confident with the bus stop method for division and we were able to use column multiplication for 2 digit x 1 digit numbers.

Next week we will be revisiting fractions, looking at how to find fractions of amounts, and exploring tenths.


We have been growing and investigating our plants this week, learning how to conduct and investigation and write it up effectively. We learnt all about leaves and how they make food for the plant. Next week we will be looking at flowers and what their function is!


We have been talking about transition, getting ready for our new teacher (Ocean!) and how to put up with another year with our current teacher (Sky)! In seriousness, the children have been able to voice any worries they have and talk about what they are looking forward to as they get ready for Year 4!


  • Thursday 8th - Transition morning - children will be visiting their new classrooms and following their normal lessons for the morning.
  • Friday 9th July - Non-uniform day. Please bring in a donation for the PTA
  • Sports day - 1:45 on Monday 19th July - more information to follow.

Have a lovely weekend, 
Year 3 Team 

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