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Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Year 3 Weekly Blog 17.9.21

We have had another great week in Year 3! Here is what we have been up to...


In maths we have been learning to add this week. We began with a partitioning method:

e.g. 86 + 47 =    Partition each number so 80 + 6 + 40 + 7

                           Add the tens 80+40 = 120,   add the ones  6+7 = 13

                          Then add 120 + 13 to get the final answer which is 133.

The children then recapped the method of adding on an empty number line that they had learnt in Year 2. They add the number on in jumps along the empty line to calculate the answer.

We then finished the week adding using the column method. The children were very adept at this and were good at remembering to add on any tens or hundreds that they had regrouped underneath.


This week we moved on to describe settings. The children have been using expanded noun phrases (adjective, adjective noun) e.g. the golden, delicate chandelier, verbs and adverbs e.g. swaying gracefully and similes e.g. smoke was puffing out of the chimney like a river. The children have also thought about how they start their sentences in a setting description e.g High up in the sky, In the distance, Beyond the forest.


We have started our new topic this week called Island Life. The children were Island Discoverers for our entry point where they had to draw an island from a description, give their island a name and also design a flag for their island. We then completed our 'Art Part' lesson where the children learnt how to create a fish picture with a technique called Batik that comes from the Island of Java in Indonesia.

Here they are bust at work...



- Please see the letter attached about Accelerated Reader. 

- We would like to remind you that the school rule is that only water is allowed in the children's water bottles that they keep in the classroom. Squash is, of course, allowed in packed lunches.

- Love to Learn continues from last week, please see previous blog. Could the children's islands please be handed in by Weds 22nd September.

Many thanks

Mr Mason and Mrs Cousins

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