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Year 3 Weekly News 21.1.22

Year 3 have had yet another incredible week! Last week Team Periwinkle won the class of the week award in assembly and this week Team Teal have won the award! They really have been impressing us!


In maths this week we have been learning about fractions. The children have been comparing fractions using comparison signs e.g. 1/2 > 1/8 or 3/5<4/5. We have also been ordering fractions by putting them in ascending or descending order e.g. smallest to highest - 1/12, 1/8, 1/3, 1/2 or 1/8, 3/8, 5/8, 7/8. The children have used a manipulative fraction wall to help them understand and visualise the size of each fraction. Here they are using it on Monday:

Next week, we will be learning about addition. We will go over some mental methods such as looking for near doubles and then we will learn how to use the column method for addition, with many of the children moving on to learn how to regroup if the ones or tens equal more than 9.


In English this week and next week, the children are learning how to write an information text. We have studied the features of an information text such as subheadings, pictures with captions, statements, questions, exclamation sentences and compound and complex sentences. This week, we have learnt to write statements, questions and exclamation sentences, how to write captions for pictures, created a labelled diagram and finally practised writing compound sentences that extend our ideas.

Next week, we will learn the rest of the skills needed such as writing complex sentences, using commas in list and using brackets and how to write an introduction. Then the children will have two days to apply all the skills they have learnt to create their own information text.


This week we have begun our topic called 'Stone Age to Iron Age'. In our Art Part the children learnt about cave paintings from the Stone Age and then painted their own. Here are some of their paintings:

We have then learnt about how early humans evolved from apes and about a skeleton found called Lucy who proved a link between apes and humans. We finished the week by finding out about a Stone Age settlement in Scotland called Skara Brae. The children wrote some excellent pieces in role as a person that lived in Skara Brae, explaining what their house was like.

Next week, we will be finding out about the Bronze and Iron Age and how Britain changed when metal was invented.

Love to Learn

As we will be learning about the Bronze and Iron Ages next week, we would like you to make your own Bronze or Iron Age village. Find out what they were like and then make a village or hill fort. You could use junk modelling or think of your own way to make the village. Have fun! Please could these be handed in by Friday 28th January.


- From Monday 24th January - Thursday 27th January, we will be welcoming the Book Fair back to Chilton Primary School. The Book Fair will be outside of KS2 in the morning and on the KS1 playground after school. We look forward to seeing you 🙂

- Please continue to read with your child at home as often as possible and complete an AR quiz after each book. Each book shouldn't take longer than 4 weeks to read otherwise the children's AR levels are effected. Many thanks.

- Sports Project is on a Wednesday so please could the children wear trainers on this day (apologies for the error on the newsletter that states Tuesday).

- PE is on a Thursday.

Many thanks, have a great weekend!

The Year 3 Team

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