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One Childhood, One Chance

Year 3 Weekly News 29.4.22


In English this week we have read some more of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and met some more of the characters. This gave us a fantastic opportunity to write some character descriptions. The children have learnt that when they describe a character they should use a range of prepositions to add detail to where the thing is they are describing e.g. underneath his small, chubby nose, Augustus Gloop has a chocolate smothered mouth. They have also learnt to use adverbs in their description, both before and after a verb e.g. Veruca Salt selfishly snatched the ticket from her father, Veruca Salt stopped stroppily as she asked her father if he had found her a golden ticket. We then looked at using fronted adverbials to start sentences in our character descriptions. For example, At night, Violet Beauregarde takes her gum out and puts it on the bedpost! Rapidly, her jaw moves up and down, up and down as she chews the special gum. Lastly, we have been writing compound sentences in our descriptions using FABOYS conjunctions (for, and, but, or, yet, so) e.g. Mike Teavee is a very lazy boy for he always sits watching the TV for hours! Next week, we will be writing in role as characters in the story, ensuring we write in the first person and using emotive language to show viewpoint.


This week we have been adding and subtracting. In addition, we looked for patterns in calculations and used these to work out what a calculation further on in the pattern would be. This is preparing the children for learning about the nth term later in KS2. For example, 12+5=    12+10=    12+15=    12+20 =    What are the answers to these calculations? What will the next calculation be in the pattern and what will the answer be? The children have also been learning about the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction and generating inverse calculations to match e.g. what is the inverse calculation to 62+16=78? The children have also represented these in an inverse triangle. Lastly, the children have learnt to represent additional dn subtraction calculations in bar models. Next week, we are moving on to learn about division. We will be using counters to solve division problems using the bar model and part, part whole model and also learning how to share items that will result in each person getting a fraction of the object e.g. 5 cakes shared between 10 children, each child will get half a cake.


We have begun our new topic this week called From Bean to Bar which is all about chocolate! The children thoroughly enjoyed our entry point where they took part in a blind taste test of different types of chocolate. They had to taste the chocolate without looking and write down the flavour of the chocolate that they thought it was. Here they are enjoying this task...

Next, we learnt about the history of chocolate. The children discovered that the Mayan and Aztec civilisations lived in Central and South America and they were the first people to use cocoa beans to make a chocolate drink. The children learnt how to show these events in chronological order in a storyboard. We then finished the week learning about the explorers from Spain, Christopher Columbus and Hernan Cortes, who bought cocoa beans back to Europe. The children hot seated as Hernan and then took part in a role play pretending Hernan Cortes was meeting Montezuma, the King of the Aztecs. Here are some photos of their hot seating and role play....

Home Learning


Please learn these for a test on Thursday.

Mrs Cousins' group: like, slide, inside, white, quite

Mr Mason's group: braver, wiser, quickest, warmest, larger

Mr Arthur's group: concentration, exaggeration, construction, invention, celebration

Love to Learn tasks

This week there is an English and Maths task.

For maths, choose 5 of these calculations, work out the answers and then write the inverse calculation for each calculation (see blog above for help with this).       12+13=          187+264=           38-14=        127+55=        10-6=         80-10=         45+35=     827-362=

For English, choose a character below and write a description about them (not a story about them, you are describing what they are like, what they look like, how they move and how they act). (Look at the English blog post above for ideas on what skills to use).

Choose from Bob the minion or Mirabel from Encanto.

Love to Learn books to be handed in by Wednesday 4th May please.


- A reminder that the only jewellery allowed for school are small stud earrings and a small wristwatch. Necklaces, bracelets and nail varnish are not permitted. Many thanks for your support with this.

We hope you enjoy the bank holiday weekend,

The Year 3 Team


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