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One Childhood, One Chance

Year 3 Weekly News 24.6.22


In English this week we have read some more of our fantastic story ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’. The children in the story have visited some amazing lands at the top of the tree such as the land of spells and the land of dreams. Because we have been reading about some very interesting settings in the story, we have been learning this week how to write a setting description of our own. Over the week we have learnt to choose ambitious nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs to describe a setting, how to organise our sentences into paragraphs and how to use a range of different conjunctions to join their sentences. The children have finished the week by designing their own land and writing a description of it. Next week we will be learning about how to include speech in our writing.


We started the week this week using our understanding of capacity from last week to make potions. We had a large amount of each ingredient and had to divide each ingredient by 5 so we could make 5 potions. Here we are having a great time making our potions...

In maths this week we have been learning about shape and lines. The children explored 2D shapes again and learnt about lines of symmetry on these shapes. We have also been learning about horizontal, vertical, parallel and perpendicular lines. Next week we will be learning about statistics and learning how to sort objects, shapes and numbers into Venn and Carroll diagrams.


This week has been science week in our topic. We have learnt to identify and name the different parts of a flowering plant and tree and we’ve learnt what each part of the plant does (stem, petals, roots and leaves). We had a look at the results of our cress experiment that we set up last Friday, to see what had happened to cress seeds that were put in the cupboard, in the fridge, had no water and finally cress seeds that had water and light on the windowsill. Using the results of this investigation, the children made conclusions about what plants need to live and grow – warmth, water and light. The children have also learnt what germination is and that seeds need certain conditions to germinate. We have learnt about the life cycle of a flowering plant, including pollination and seed formation. Finally, the children finished off the week, finding out about different ways that seeds are dispersed and why they are dispersed away from the adult plant. Next week is Healthy Relationships week and we will be exploring hurtful things that are said in class and thinking about strategies to control and manage our feelings so these words are not said. We will also be looking at how much words can hurt and affect other people.

Love to Learn


Copy out these speech sentences and add in the correct punctuation:

I really love science exclaimed Ella

Can I go to the toilet please asked Rosie

Alex cried There’s a huge spider in my bedroom

Sam whispered We need to be quiet in the cinema

Challenge: Its raining outside said Hannah so go and get your umbrella.


For maths home learning this week we would like you to make a potion. Give your potion a name and write an ingredient list for your potion showing how many ml or litres you put in of each ingredient. It would be great to see photos of you measuring out the ingredients. Bring your finished potions in to show your teachers.


Mrs Cousins’ group – saw, straw, fawn, lawn, drawn, hawk

Mr Mason’s group – tunnel, angel, squirrel, labelled, cancelled, jewel, travelling

Mr Arthur’s group – automobile, autobiography, autopilot, autograph, automatic, autocue


Upcoming dates:

Wednesday 13th July – Sports Day 9.15am

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