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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News

We have been exploring non-fiction text types and have carried our learning with multiplication and division.


This week in English our learning has been focused on the creation of non fiction texts. At the beginning of the week we created non chronological reports on chocolate and our class text, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We organised our writing effectively with the use of subheadings and paragraphs and used subordinating conjunctions to add extra detail and reasons to our writing. At the end of the week team Peacock explored creating instructions and were able to use imperative and modal verbs to make them easier to follow. Team Azure revisited recounts to tell the events of our Broadstairs trip.


In maths we have all revisited previous learning on multiplication and division before extending into new methods. During our work on multiplication we learnt to use the short method for multiplying. The teams were able to place the correct digits into the correct columns and then multiply across the ones, tens and hundreds columns. We carried on learning about and exploring bus stop method of division, with the children using resources to prove their understanding of the method.

Trip into Broadstairs

On Wednesday both teams travelled to Broadstairs to explore the high street, sea front and Sweet Yesterdays shop. The teams surveyed the high street as they went down, looking at the different types of shops you can find there as well as how often they appeared. We found that some types of shop could also be presented in lots of different ways such as barbers, hair dressers and stylists all providing a similar service. We used the opportunity of being out by the coast to draw landscapes, focusing on adding detail to the foreground whilst leaving the background less detailed. Finally the children were treated to a great time in Sweet Yesterdays shop. Mr and Mrs Jones gave a small talk discussing the invention of chocolate bars and sweets as we know them as well as a short tasting session of flying saucers, the worlds most popular sweet! Both teams represented Chilton fantastically whilst in public, a fact commented on by the train conducting who announced to the whole train over the loud speakers.

Love to Learn

We would like you to research and make either a shield or a piece of jewellery that would have been worn and used in the stone or bronze age.


Mr Potts' spelling group: key, monkey, donkey, valley, trolley, money, honey

Mrs Cousins' spelling group: sensation, cancellation, admiration, explanation, exploration, preparation , realisation, temptation

Mis Watling's spelling group: cheque, antique, grotesque, unique, catalogue, league, tongue, dialogue

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