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One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News 1.3.19


In English this week we have been learning to write Information Texts. In guided reading, the children have read a lot of information about the Stone Age, including information about their tools, homes and clothes. We have also begun to read our new text called Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura. We have then written information paragraphs about these Stone Age topics using subheadings to group sentences together that are all about the same topic. Within this, they have learnt about using different sentence types in their factual sentences: questions, statements and exclamation sentences. We have then learnt about different types of punctuation to use in information texts such as commas in lists, bullet points and the use of brackets to add more information. Last of all, we have learnt to write captions to explain photos about the Stone Age and have created labelled diagrams.



In maths we have been learning about statistics. Having learnt to draw pictograms, bar graphs and tables in term 2, this week we have focussed n interpreting data in these charts. We learnt to answer straightforward questions that involved lifting the data from the graphs e.g. What was the most popular fruit? Which fruit had 7 votes? We then tried to answer trickier questions involving finding the difference between two categories e.g. How many more people voted for banana than apple? How many fewer people travelled by car than bus? What is the difference between the number of votes for banana and apple and the number of votes for pear and plum? 


Love to Learn 

Maths homework

Create a pictogram showing this set of data:

               Year 3's favourite pets    Cat - 24     Dog - 32     Hamster - 6    Bearded dragon - 2    Fish - 10

You can choose whether each picture in your pictogram will represent 1 animal/2 animals/4 animals.

SPAG homework

Mrs Cousins PAG group - Please write 5 sentences containing these words turning them into the contracted form e.g. shouldn't - should not, can not, I have, they are, he will.

Mr Potts PAG group - Please write one command sentence, one question, one statement and one exclamation sentence. Remember to use the correct punctuation to finish each sentence.

Spellings to learn 

We have continued to learn the spellings that we began before half term this week:

Mrs Cousins' group - sensation, information, alteration, preparation, exploration, cancellation

Mr Potts' group - monkey, donkey, valley, key, trolley, honey

Miss Watling's group - cheque, antique, grotesque, unique, catalogue, league, tongue, dialogue


Next week is book week. On Thursday 7th March we would like to invite the children to come in dressed up as their favourite book character. 


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