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One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News 17.3.19

Apologies for the late posting of the blog this week.


In maths this week the children have been learning to multiply and divide amounts of money. In division some of the children consolidated the method of counting on their fingers e.g. 45p ÷ 5 = count in 5s until you reach 45, you will hold up 9 fingers so the answer is 9p. Other children were using the bus stop method to divide higher numbers e.g. £90 shared between 5 people, or £1.36 ÷ 4 =. In multiplication of money, we used the short multiplication method. 


In guided reading this week the children have been learning to locate and retrieve information from non-fiction texts. They read information sheets about the Bronze Age and Iron Age and answered questions about what they had read. In English lessons, we have been revisiting play scripts, learning to use the features of a play script such as; colons to show who speaks, a cast list, scene subheadings, stage directions and narration. It has been a challenging week for many as we had to remember to write narration in the past tense and stage directions in bracket sin the present tense.


In topic this week the children have learnt about why Stone Age people began to settle and build more permanent homes. They have also explored Neolithic cave paintings and created their own cave paintings based on those seen.

Love to Learn

The space art challenge set by Mr McCauly (see last week's blog) continues this week and is due in by Wednesday 20th March please.

There are no new spellings to learn this week. Please look back and practice some previous spellings if you wish.


Monday 18th March is Space Day at Chilton. The children will be spending 40 minutes in an amazing space dome in the hall. The charge for this is £1.60 per child, and can be paid using school money or by sending in cash in a named envelope. On Monday, we will be undertaking Space themed reading, English and maths lessons and creating a planet in an art session in the afternoon.

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