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Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News 22.3.2019

We have been exploring narrative writing, persuasion, recounts and revisited time.


The teams have had a varied and exciting week in English. We started off creating an action sequence using a star constellation linking to Science day. The children were practising using a range of exciting and engaging verbs and adverbs. We then moved onto starting our new class text, Lila and the secret of Rain. The teams wrote in character as Lila in a diary entry exploring her emotions and concerns with the lack of water in the village. They then moved onto letter writing and persuasion. They were able to set out and maintain a view point as well as giving supporting reasons.



We have revisited time as our topic this week. We recapped the core skill of recognising and telling times, looking at o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter too as well as to every 5 minutes and every minute in some cases. The children then used this knowledge to start converting different measures of time such as 5 minutes into seconds. The children quickly recognised that they were going to be applying and using there multiplication and division skills for this specific task. We finished the week with the comparing amounts of time using greater than, less than and equals signs.


Love to Learn


We would like you to create a diary of things you do over a few days recording the time you do them from and till, finding the duration of each activity.


Mr Potts Group - Create 5 sentences that contain a contracted word e.g. shouldn't, can't.

Mrs Cousins Group - Create 5 sentences that show they can use a and an correctly.



Mr Potts Group - cheekiness, happiness, spiciness, dizziness, jolliness, silliness, bossiness, sloppiness

Mrs Cousins Group - parachute, chandelier, machine, moustache, chalet, charade, chute

Miss Watlings Group - Continuing as before



On the 3rd April we are having our exit point day for Scavengers and Settlers. We would like the children to come in dressed in stone age, bronze age or iron age costumes. We will also be having an open class session from 3:00 to share what we have learnt and done in this topic. There will be stone age food to sample as well. We hope to see lots of you there!

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