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One Childhood, One Chance

Year 3 Weekly News 21.6.19


In maths this week we have been learning about length. The children began by measuring lines to the nearest cm, half cm or mm and practising measuring objects in cm. We then moved on to learn how to convert units of measurement using the knowledge that 100cm = 1m. Therefore, 4m = 400cm, half a metre = 50cm, 8.5m = 850cm. They then used this knowledge to compare measurements using comparison signs e.g. 350cm > 2m because 2m is the same as 200cm, and 350cm > 200cm. To finish off the week, the children solved problems where they had to add or subtracts length to find the answers.


In English this week, we have begun to revise how to structure our sentences in a variety of ways. The children have learnt how to write compound sentences using coordinating conjunctions (FANBOYS - for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so) e.g. Omri gave Little Bull some corned beef for he was desperate to eat some meat. Coordinating conjunctions have to go in the middle of sentences to join clauses. They have also been writing complex sentences using subordinating conjunctions (I SAW A WABUB - if, since, as, while, although, when,  after, because, until, before). These subordinating conjunctions can be used at the beginning of a sentence or in the middle to join clauses. E.g. While Jasper played in the garden, his Dad cooked the dinner. Katie washed her hands, as it was time for dinner. 


We have begun our new topic called 'Bright Sparks.' The children have been thinking about what they would like to find out about electricity. They have used scientific equipment to make a simple circuit containing a bulb, battery and switch. The children have then used these circuits to investigate which materials conduct or insulate electricity. They used metal, plastic and wood in a circuit to see if they completed the circuit and made the light bulb light up.        

Messages and Key Dates

Next week is Healthy Relationships week. This year this is called 'Your words can hurt.' The children will be exploring this theme with some circle times and some art work.

Friday 28th June - Gold Badge Day - children who have kept all of their points will be presented with their gold badge.

Thursday 4th July - Whole school transition morning. Peacock will spend the morning with Mr Abel.

1st and 8th July - Additional transition sessions where Mr Abel will teach Team Peacock for an hour each afternoon.

4th July - 5.50-7.00pm - Whole School Open Evening - Come along and see what your current class have been up to this year and go and meet your new teacher and see your new classroom.

10th July - School music evening for those children in choir or who play an instrument.

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