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Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Year 3 Weekly News 20.9.19


In maths this week we have been learning to subtract. We have discussed the other vocabulary used for subtraction e.g. minus, take away, less than, difference between. We began the week by looking at how numbers that are very close together are easy to subtract by counting on e.g. 173-169= is easiest solved by counting 169, 170, 171, 172, 173. This is 5 steps and therefore the answer is 5. 

Next we learnt to subtract using the expanded method and then moved on to the column method, focussing on how to regroup a ten or hundred if needed.


In English, we have been learning to vary our sentence structure by including compound sentences in our writing. Compound sentences contain a co-ordinating conjunction (FANBOYS - for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so) in the middle to join two simple sentences together. E.g. The princess felt like giving up. She carried on as she desperately wanted to find the bear. These two sentences can be joined using the conjunction BUT; The princess felt like giving up but she carried on as she desperately wanted to find the bear.


We have begun our first topic this week called 'Island Life'. We have begun by familiarising ourselves with The World map. The children have learnt about the 7 continents and the oceans, and have labelled where they are on their own maps. They then moved on to locate countries and islands in an atlas and label these on a World map. We will be finishing off the week by learning about the parts of a river and making a diagram to show this.

Spellings to Learn

Mrs Cousins' Group:  the or sound made with an a before the letter l:

ball         call       fall       small         already      altogether        also       almost

Mr Mason's Group:  the prefix  in- and dis-:

independent      disappear   disobey    inhuman     disagreed    invisible 

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