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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Tuesday 12th May

Good morning, Team Azure and Team Peacock!

Thanks for all the great learning that was sent through and posted yesterday. I hope you all had a wonderful Monday! On to today's learning:


This week we will be reading a book called Air Raid. We can all access it through Oxford owl.  When you visit the site for the first time you will need to click on the button that says 'My class login' It is pink with a little owl on it! Then log in with the following details:

 Class:  TeamAzure1   OR   TeamPeacock

Password: homelearning

You should get a bookshelf. Click on this and search for Air Raid if the link above does not take you directly to it.

Today you will need to read up to page 19 in Chapter two and answer the comprehension questions attached.

SPELLING: Also on this website are some fantastic spelling resources. They match the children's spelling scheme from school so they will recognise the format. The children can choose the level that is appropriate for them. (Some will be accessing Y5 spelling rules)
Spag a day continues - The week's resources are below as are the answers (no peeking!)

We have also included a BIG WRITE for you. This can be done on any day this week or across a few days - it is up to you!


Today we will be continuing our look at statistics, focusing on time graphs. Sheets are attached with a separate challenge on line graphs which are similar. 


Some wonderful 'earthquake-proof' buildings were made yesterday. Well done everyone for your fantastic effort! For today, we would like you to design a 'family survival kit' in case of an earthquake happening. You can present your survival kit in any creative way that you like. Make sure that you give reasons for why you have included each item. 

Some items that could be included are: 

  • Tent, sleeping bags and blankets
  • Map and compass
  • First aid kit

We look forward to seeing your survival kits! 

Class Novels

Team Peacock: Great job Hollie on the latest chapter yesterday! Today it is Jessi's turn to write a chapter!

Team Azure: Maisie continued on from from Maddison's chapter and wrote some fantastic dialogue between the genie and Emma. Albie - it's your turn now!

Have a great day!

The Year 4 team x

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