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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Thursday 4th June

Good morning, Team Azure and Team Peacock! 

We hope you have been enjoying your first week of Term 6 home learing. I (Mr Abel) am very excited today as it is my sister's due date to have her baby! Have you had any important family events occur during Lockdown? I don't know if Mrs Brown's baby will be born today but I hope it is! On to today's learning...


Many of you may have found some clocks which use Roman Numerals yesterday so we are going to use today as a telling the time refresher with clocks that use Roman Numerals. Remember, if you are finding Roman Numerals tricky, head to Monday and Tuesday's posts and try some more of the activities on there. 


It's Big Write time! Your task is to write a description of your dragon. Try to use your planning sheet with your fantastic vocabulary for Monday and include the sentences you have been practising this week. Don’t forget you can vary your sentences even more with questions, statements and exclamations. You can use fronted adverbials at the start of your sentences or use simple, short sentences for effect.


We hope you've enjoyed the unit so far, this week. Today, we are going to consider the idea of 'belonging' and how it relates to where we live. 


As Thursday is our PE day, we're going to set a fitness task also! We would like you to design a circuit of different exercises and film yourself doing it! Here's my circuit to give you an idea:

1) Star Jumps for 30 seconds     2) Jog on the spot for 30 seconds     3) Squats for 30 seconds    4) Rest x 30 seconds     5) Lunges for 30 seconds     6) Plank for 30 seconds     7) Press ups for 30 seconds - Good luck if you are trying mine (add in extra rest if you need it!)

Have a wonderful Thursday

The Year 4 team x

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