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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Wednesday 10th June

Good morning, Year 4!

Glad to see the weather brightened up yesterday! How are you doing with your new topic, 'The Nature of  Life'? We'd love to see some more of your art parts! We hope you're all ok and continuing the wonderful effort you have been putting in with your home learning. On to today:


It’s an investigation Wednesday (standard!) You’re going to practice your measurement skills and your problem solving using the four operations. The problems, however, are going to be up to you!

You might want to find out:

–The total of the heights of all the people in your house.

–The difference between the perimeters of your bedroom and your parents’ bedroom

–The area of your garden (multiply the length by the width)

–How much each person in your house will get if you equally share out what’s left in the bottle of milk in your fridge

Or anything else (your ideas are usually much more creative than mine!)


Today, you have a story to read entitled 'Maud and the Dragon'. You then have either a MILD, SPICY or HOT set of comprehension questions to answer on the text. 


Today, we are going to learn how we know if something is alive. You then have some research to complete focusing on a living thing of your choice! 

Please carry on sending all your bits through on padlet and/or by email - we love seeing what you're up to! 

Have an amazing Wednesday, 

The Year 4 team x

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