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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Friday 12th June

Good morning Year 4!

We hope you have had a wonderful week. How did you get on with maths yesterday? Hope you managed to use the correct operation to solve them :)

Here's what you're learning today:


More word problems on the menu for today - this time multiplication and division. Remember to use your formal written methods to help you solve and use the interactive slider to support your conversions.

So you might have noticed that the final slide in English skipped to Friday 13th!! When it's actually just 12th. A normal, non-spooky day. Sigh. Sorry about that, everyone! Lockdown gets to the best of us!  Today is a big write and because I got the days mixed up, you can make your own choice out of the options in the pack attached below. The steps to success for playscripts still applies so use that when you ar writing! :) 


Today you will be learning about food chains and food webs. This link takes you to some great, clear learning...

Here is a link to some interactive games that will help your understanding of them.


Have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs Gale and Mr Abel


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