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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Thursday 18th June

Morning Y4, have you had breakfast and buzzing to complete today's learning? We hope that you are all continuing to remain safe and look forward to hearing from you about your brilliant learning!

English/GR -

Read pages 10 and 11 of this week's text and answer what castle rooms would be used for the statements given - remember to 'skim and scan' and retrieve the information accurately. 

Time to get creative! Design your castle and the rooms inside. It could be a drawing, painting, 3D, junk modelling or… Mrs Gale's favourite…Minecraft; you can make some fantastic, realistic castles! Remember to use key features and keep it realistic in terms of rooms and location (use the slides to support your learning).
English slides  <<< click on the link to access the slides. 

Maths -

Today's Maths focuses on adding and subtracting fractions with same denominator - use the slides to aid your learning and complete the tasks attached. Remember to watch this link which provides a clear explanation of today's skill: 

Topic -

Today's technology task should be completed over two days.

Your task is to plan, design and make your own bird nesting box. Think about the following questions in your planning phase:

What type of nest could we build, and why?

What natural or recycled materials could we use? What materials do the birds use?

Are there any materials that would pose a danger to the birds and should not be used?

Where should the completed nest be placed, and why?

Draw your design so you can get all your ideas down before starting to make your bird box. When designing your bird box, consider SIZE, SHAPE, SECURITY and COMFORT.

Once you have completed your design, gather your materials and build your bird box.

After you have completed your bird box, write a short reflective report detailing what you did, what went well and why, what you would have done differently, how you would have done it and why and how effective you think you bird box will be.

Please share your designs and your creations with us – you could even put your bird box out in the garden and see if birds use it!

SPaG -

A reminder that these activities are to be completed across the week (they are attached on Tuesday, 16th June's blog post).

The Padlet - Shout outs!

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