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One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly news 2/10/20

What a fantastic week for Year 4! The children have worked so incredibly hard and have produced some superb learning outcomes.


This week the children excelled in writing formally about Trinidad & Tobago. We used an additional text (Kamal goes to Trinidad) to really explore the wonders that these islands possess. When writing formally, the children focused on using a variety of sentences to engage the reader - these included using compound and complex sentences. Furthermore, children wrote persuasively with the aim to convince someone to go to this beautiful Caribbean Island.


In Maths, children worked on their multiplication and division skills. Pupils used manipulatives to help support them when solving multiplication fluency and reasoning problems - they could present their working out pictorially and abstract (using the bar model and column method, respectively). Following on from multiplication, the children completed a range of mathematical problems based on division. Year 4 pupils used the short division method (bus stop) effectively and could explain their steps to success - what a brilliant week of Maths learning!


It was an exciting start to the week as the children experienced their 'Entry Point' into their topic theme: Inventors! The children were given a task to design and create a 'Hat for all seasons' - this involved them thinking creatively ranging from what materials to use (for insulation), to what removable parts there can be to accommodate for all weather types. The children had lots of fun! 

In addition, the children were introduced to 'The Golden Age of Islam'. This iconic period explained how there were many inventions created over 1000 years ago during the Dark Ages in Britain and that not all inventions were founded by privileged White Europeans/Americans. The children used simple sources to record notes about the history of 'The Golden Age of Islam' and had the opportunity to work in small groups to present facts about a famous inventor who was the first man to fly: Abbas bin Finnas.



*Please ensure that the children are reading daily and they put their reading record in the class tray when they come in.

*Please continue to ensure that the children have a coat as we enter the wintery months


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