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One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News! 3.12.21


This week we have written our own stories. The story was planned the same as Ice Palace where the children needed to have an opening where they set the scene and introduced the character, a build-up, a problem,  a resolution and an ending. This was the only structure they had and the children could create their own characters, settings and story.


This week we have been looking at measurements. We began the week by looking at perimeter and understanding that the perimeter was the outside of the shape. We then moved onto measuring perimeter and area. Today the children learnt how to estimate and measure lots of different objects around the classroom, using rulers, tape measures and meter sticks.


We have continued to work on our Egyptian topic ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ but this week concentrated on gods, goddesses and mummification. We looked at the range of different gods, what they do and what their roles are. Today, we looked at the mummification process and completed our own mummification on a tomato. It was very messy but the children loved it!

Love to learn


Next week, we are looking at information texts. Can you create an information text about mummification? Include what happens in the process, the different steps in the process and also the result of what happens after the mummification process.



Draw as many different shapes as you can with a perimeter of 20cm. Can you draw a variety of different shapes with different areas? If you don’t have squared paper, have a go at drawing the squares inside yours shapes!



  • Read, read, read! Remember you can access the AR quizzes through the school website. If you need your log in details again, please let us know
  • The Christmas Shop is back! Year 4 will be able to visit the shop every day next week between 12:30 and 1:00 during their lunch time.

Have a lovely weekend,
The Year 4 Team

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