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Chilton Primary School

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One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News - 10.12.21

Team Ocean and Team Sky continue to work incredibly hard as Christmas approaches! We have been sneaking in Christmas video shoots in between incredible Maths, English and Topic learning and we have made a beautiful Christmas hoop that is now hanging in the hall. 

Here's what we have been learning!


This week, we began to learn how to write an information text. We are writing a guide to survive extreme cold conditions. This is because our main character, Ivan, had to travel through arctic conditions to find his brother. We learnt how to use cause and effect conjunctions to add explanation and clarity to our sentences. We have learnt about the difference with formal and informal writing and learnt lots of new technical vocabulary.


This week we have continued our measure learning. We have been looking at length, mass and capacity. We had great fun weighing different objects in our classroom and developed a great understanding of mass. We were able to convert from g to kg, m to km and l to ml. We used our place value sliders to help us.


This week we learnt about the archaeologist - Howard Carter. We looked at photos of his discovery of Tutunkhamun and used our historian skills to work out what was happening. Ask us about the discovery! We then learnt more about the beliefs and rituals of ancient Egyptians. We found out about canopic jars which were used to store the mummified body parts. We made our own out of clay - they were amazing!

14th Christmas parties for KS2  

We can bring in party food! Romans: Sweet treats, Saxons: Something Savoury, Normans: Fruit or veg, Vikings: Crisps/Snacky bits!

16th - Movie afternoon

17th - Christmas jumpers and Christmas dinner! School ends at 2pm.

Home learning 

Christmas kindness challenge: How many can you do on the list below before Christmas day?

Have a fantastic weekend,

The Year 4 Team

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