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One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News 14.1.22


This week, we continued looking at the book ‘Tales of Wisdom and Wonder’. However, we started our new tale this week called ‘The curing fox’. It tells the story of a sick little girl whose father goes hunting to find the curing fox but when he reaches the fox, she is ill as well. There is an old lady at the beginning of the book that ends up not just curing the little girl but also curing the fox as well. We concentrated on play scripts, looking at the features of play scripts and then writing our own play scripts towards the end of the week.



This week in maths, we were looking at decimal numbers, we began by adding and subtracting decimal numbers up to two decimal places where the children looked at tenths and hundredths. Towards the end of the week, we looked at solving two-step word problems, understanding what vocabulary the children need to look to understand what they have to do in the question.  



Our week consisted of looking at a champion of courage. Our champion of Courage was a man called Walter Tull. He was one of the first black professional footballers and the first to play for Tottenham when he was just 21. He then went on to serve for his country in World War 1. As he was such a good soldier he was promoted and became the first commissioned officer even though it was not allowed to have people of non- European descent to become an officer at that point in time.


Love to Learn

As we have been looking at Walter Tull, we would like you to create a poster including Walter himself and his story. You can also include why he is so important and how he showed courage throughout his life!



We have a few things to look forward to this term as Number Day is on Friday 4th February and mental health and well being day is on the 11th.

Have a lovely weekend!

The Year 4 Team.



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