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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News 28.1.22


This week in English we continued our book ‘The Tales of Wisdom and Wonder’ but started a new tale called ‘The blindman and the hunter. We began the week by going out into the forest school blindfolded and our partner had to lead us round! It really put us in the blindman’s shoes and helped us understand what it might be like! We then started to look further into the characters. We moved on to writing diary entries as the blindman and then the hunter looking at contrasting perspectives, emotive language, past tense and writing in first person.

Next week we will be starting our new book called ‘The Watertower’. With this book we will be looking at suspense very deeply.


This week we began working on fractions and decimals. We started by using the bar method to find fractions of amounts. It really helped moving into Tuesday when we were dividing by the dominator and multiplying by the numerator. We found it hard to begin with but got the hang of it! We moved on to looking at equivalent fractions and decimals, knowing that 7/10 is the same as 0.7 and 48/100 is the same as 0.48.

Next week we will be comparing and ordering decimals and rounding decimals to the nearest whole number. We are also very much looking forward to number day on Friday!


This week we continued our topic but concentrated on science! We had a great time completing investigations about what makes sound and the different sounds that are made! We began by have a carrousel of activities testing what sound is. Using drums, coat hangers, string, tuning forks and water! Today, we moved onto learning about pitch. We created our instruments demonstrating high and low pitch.

Next week we will be looking at science and DT!


  • Attached is a Rotary art competition. It would be great to have as many Year 4s take part as possible -we did so well last time!

  • Number day is on the 4th February! This will be a day filled with fun maths activities but the children can dress up number or rock star themed :)

  • On Friday 11th February, we will be celebrating children's mental health day. This will be running on from our work through online safety week. Children and staff will be invited to 'Dress to express', wearing bright colours to school. This is for awareness.


We would love you to have a go at making your own musical instrument. It could be a guitar with elastic bands and a shoe box or a drum using boxes. Any instrument you want, how you want to make it. Bring it and we can play them together. 

Thank you for your support! 

The Year 4 Team.

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