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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance


After consultation with children, staff, parents and governors, we have renewed our whole school values for this academic year. These are:





The children started the academic year (2017-18) by exploring these renewed values and we will continue to develop our understanding of them throughout the school year. These values help us to shape a culture and ethos together to ensure that “one childhood, one chance” rings true in everything that we do as a school community.

Values learning through 'Values Weeks':

To start every term (six times per year) we focus on key aspects of personal, social, health and emotional learning in our Values Weeks. Religious Education is also taught in blocks at the start of each term. We believe that ensuring children have an understanding of the rich and varied world around us is vital in helping shape them as global citizens and as valuable members of our society. This links with our learning power of 'Diversity' and the British Value of 'Mutual Respect and Tolerance of Different Faiths'. In support of "The Chilton Way" we also build a culture of kindness and respect throughout our school. Learning Powers, growth mindsets, self esteem and aspiration also feature heavily throughout these weeks and are also aspects of our everyday learning.

We also hold three anti-bullying weeks throughout the year incorporating e-safety and cyber-bullying throughout. Through this we promote the fact that "We are a Telling School" and S.T.O.P (Start Telling Other People).

Values Weeks for 2017-18:

  • Term 1 - New Beginnings, renewed School Values and Learning Powers

  • Term 2 - Getting on and Falling Out (including anti-bullying week)

  • Term 3 - Going for Goals (Champions of Courage)

  • + Anti Bullying and E-Safety Week

  • Term 4 - British Values and Relationships

  • Term 5 - Good to be Me and Cultural Awareness

  • Term 6 - Moving on and Developing Learning Powers and School Values

  • + Anti-Bullying and Diversity Week - Being Different Matters (18th June)



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01843 597695